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  Our Design Showcase Solution has been set up to offer customers an efficient way of developing high quality websites at a reasonable price. Full custom design services are also available. To begin the process please click here and fill out the Free Consultation Form or call Stephen Sandford at 1-866-718-5927.
  Please CLICK HERE to begin the online consultation process, once complete we will send you the access information to the Design Gallery by email. The design gallery contains hundreds of high quality website Design Templates for you to choose from. If you decide to go ahead and choose a Design Template - we will then build you a Master Template. Once the Master Template is approved - we will build your website.
  The purpose of the Design Template is to provide us with a firm guideline that we will use to build your website. There is some flexibility at this stage to change certain design elements on the page(s). Naturally all colour schemes and images will be modified to fit your project. Some structural changes can be made as well. Many of the templates contain features that may not be incorporated into your site. For example: Account Sign Up, Newsletter Sign Up, Specialized Forms and Menus. These templates are for you to pick a solid starting point for your project - from that point we will begin to customize the look for you. If by chance you like some of the images that are used in the template - you are more than welcome to use them on your website project with us.
  The Master Template is the blue print for the project. Once it is approved - making structural changes to it may incur extra cost. Normally small type and image changes can be accommodated without extra charge. The Master Template is only built after you choose your Design Template.
  EXTRA'S THAT CAN BE INCLUDED AT NO CHARGE: (some of these may count as one page)
  • Blog (Our Blogger - 3rd Party system may be extra)
• Photo Gallery (Our Photo Gallery - 3rd Party system may be extra)
NOTE: It is assumed that you will populate and maintain the Blog and Photo Gallery
• Up to 1 Online Poll
• Up to 1 Online Form
• Search Engine Submission Services
• Stats module for your site - complete stats of what is happening with visitors
• Ecommerce on PayPal for up to 3 products or services. (It must all fit on one page)
  We have a wide range of internet services that help small and medium sized business websites, these include:
  • Advanced Email Marketing
• Blogger Pro
• Ecommerce Pro
• Email Newsletter Software
• Email Marketing Software
• Automated Customer Support
• Community Building Software
• Photography Services
• Video / Post Production Editing Services
• Self Maintenance website modules
• Flash Development Services
• Search Engine Marketing Services
  There are many more.....please inquire if you do not see it.
  Assuming you do not purchase extra options like - photography, video services, marketing services, text writing or internet software extras - here are your responsibilities:
  1) You will supply all RAW content for the project - this includes:
• photos
• creatively written text - spell checked and edited to fit the space it is going in.
• any sound files
• any video files
  2) You will pay a 30% to 50% deposit on the project at the beginning - with the balance not more that 30 days after it is complete. You can pay by cheque or credit cards. Websites must be hosted with Digitally Creative - in order for us to build or modify a website.
  NOTE: We have extensive professional clip art and stock photography that can be used to assist you "fill in the blanks", but ultimately you are responsible for the content.
  1) If you select a Design Template - and we start working on it, then you change your mind and want to scrap that template and pick a new one - a $75 template charge will apply - plus the charges for whatever work we may have done to the original template you selected.
  2) We only work on/design websites that we host - our pricing is competitive and reliable. If you are currently hosted elsewhere - we can make the transfer a painless process for you - without interrupting your website online. This transfer service comes with a FREE additional 2 years of your domain name registration - if you switch your domain registration to us as well. We can only switch .com, .net and .org websites. In circumstances where your domain paperwork is in really bad shape - charges to set it right may apply.
  3) We cannot work on a project beyond the FREE consultation without a deposit (30% to 50%)
  4) In order to get access to the design gallery you must:
  a) Speak to Stephen Sandford on the phone (416-234-8545) or
  b) fill out the free website consultation form.
  Then we will set you up with temporary access to the design gallery. The temporary access lasts for 7 days.
  Q) Can my website be built so I can maintain it on my own?
  A) The short answer is Yes. While most website developers today promote self maintenance, there are a few factors you should consider.
  1) Is it that important - as getting a maintenance contract is also cost effective.
  2) The user interface to all of the "self maintenance" system available today requires some computer operator skills. Are you proficient on the computer? Can you download, size and save .jpg files? Are you fairly good at working in Microsoft Word? Do you have any problems using an online banking system? If you answered yes to all of these - you would be a good candidate to get a "self maintenance website" Self maintenance modules can be added to any of our website designs. Prices vary, but generally speaking they are available for about $50 to $250 (depending on the size of the site) - one time fee.
  Q) How long has Digitally Creative been in business?
  A) 10+ years. Be sure to read the about us section of our website for more info.
  Q) Where is Digitally Creative located?
  A) Digitally Creative is located in Toronto, Ontario Canada.
  Q) Can you build us a website - even though we are not from the Toronto Area?
  A) Yes, we have built many websites for customers from other cities in Canada and the US. One of the restrictions is we cannot come and visit you - take photos - shoot video etc. BUT, if you can supply the RAW content - distance is not an issue - as we live in a Global Village. We have Toll-Free numbers to handle long distance customer service in North America.
  Q) What if I do not find a Design Template that I like but have a design idea?
  A) We can build a website under any circumstances. One of the biggest reasons we developed the Design Showcase Solution, was to assist customers in getting around the hardest part of a website design project - and that is - what should it look like. Going through the "what should it look like" phase can consume a considerable amount of time - which in turn cost more money. It is essentially the same as building a customized house - or buying a house that has already been built - the house that has already been built is much cheaper. That being said - we can build a website based on your idea, but the pricing will be based on an estimated cost with an "open docket concept". Essentially this means it will be built by an hourly rate. Naturally we can create completely customized solutions as well.
  Q) Does the template get removed from your system after it is used to build my site?
  A) No. BUT. You can have it removed by paying an additional $500.00. HOWEVER - It is important to note that once the template you select goes through the modification process where we change images, colour schemes, some of the page layout etc - most people agree that it does not really look exactly like the original template - so having it removed from the system is not that big an issue. Also - we do retire designs after a certain period of time and are constantly adding new ones.
  Q) Can I use some or all of the images that are shown in the template mock up?
  A) Yes, so long as you use our services to build and host the website - you are free to use any image you see used in the template mock up.
  Q) How long does it take to build a website ?
  A) Generally speaking it takes about 10 to 15 business days. Much of the speed really depends on you, as you may be supplying content for the site (photos - text - logos)
*Blogger and Photo Gallery programs must be Digitally Creative house programs. On Line Forms
and Polls are house programs - 1 max each per site. Ecommerce is set up on PayPal and can have
a maximum of 3 products or services. Customer is responsible for setting up PayPal account.
Search Engine Optimization service comes with all websites.

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