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Pre-Sales Questions
  Below are many question we have been asked. If you do not see an answer to your question below, please be sure to contact us by email us at cs@digitallycreative.ca or by calling 647-955-8885
  Questions & Answers:
  Website Hosting & Design
  Q. How much does Digitally Creative's website hosting cost?
  A. Our hosting packages are $14.95 CDN and $19.95 CDN per month. (payable 6 or 12 in advance)
  Q. Can you register my domain name?
  A. Yes Digitally Creative provides complete domain name registration services.
  Q. Does Digitally Creative offer custom website design services?
  A. Yes, in addition to our Design Showcase Solution (which is designed to help you build a website - for less) we have full custom design services available.
  Q. How long has Digitally Creative been in business?
  A. We have been in business since 1997.
  Q. Do you offer dynamic programming services like PHP MySql?
  A. Yes we have full custom programming experience. We also have a number of professional "off-the-shelf" programs to fit most small business solutions.
  Q. Where is Digitally Creative located?
  A. We are located in Toronto, Ontario Canada. We build websites for customers in Canada and the United States.
  Q. How long does it take to build a website?
  A. Generally speaking we can build a website in a few weeks. Much of the speed with how it gets done, depends on you, as you may be supplying the RAW material for the site.
  Q. How much does a website cost?
  A. That depends on the sophistication and size of the site - but - generally speaking a 5 page static website can be built starting at $700 - plus hosting costs.
  Video & Photography
  Q. Can we supply our own video footage, still images and sound fies and have Digitally Creative edit it down to make our video?
  A. Yes, we can accept a wide range of video material - both digital and film.
  Q. What type of video cameras does Digitally Creative use?
  A. Generally speaking we use Canon HV20 and Canon XHA1 for digital standard and hi-def video. We can also shoot in Super 8mm film via a pro series Nikon R10. Some people like the look and natural motion of the "old style" film - Super 8mm has an interesting visual feel on the screen. Some feel it caputures texture that is not possible with "modern digital cams".
  Q. Do you bring lighting to the video / photography shoot?
  A. We evaulate each shoot to determine what is required. We have lighting that is appropriate to many different types of indoor settings.
  Q. What kind of video / photography projects does Digitally Creative tend to work on?
  A. It varies, but, generally speaking it tends to be for small business instruction / promotional DVD's and/or content for a website.
  Q. Does Digitally Creative offer full in-house DVD package design and DVD Duplication services?
  A. Yes, we are a full service provider when it comes to instructional and promotional DVD services for small business. Not only can we handle the development of the video material, but we can take it to the final product.
  Q. Does Digitally Creative offer on-site product photography. We want to renovate / build an ecommerce website and have a lot of products to put on line.
  A. Yes, not only can we take great product shots - for products that are large and small - but we can set you up with a state-of-the-art ecommerce package that will allow you to be able to maintain it yourself.

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