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Website is Down
  Our cluster Apache Unix Servers are among the most reliable web servers available on the market today. Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays), if they are down, you will not have to tell us they are down, our people will begin working on the problem right away. If you feel you must contact us - please Submit a Support Ticket.
  From time to time we do maintenance on the system which could bring your site down. This usually only last for an hour or so at a time, and is done in the middle of the night. (1am-4am). This maintenance is not done daily, it is done a couple of times a month or so. This maintenance keeps the system running at peak efficiency. On rare occasions maintenance or upgrades can spill over in the the daytime hours.
Expectations of Service
  At Digitally Creative we will do everything possible to deliver the best Internet service available today. Our servers are up-to-date and well maintained - we take pride in our 99% up time record. Generally speaking our clients fall into 2 categories. The first is web experienced clients that produce all of there own content and rely on us to provide quality hosting services. The second are company's that prefer to focus on their core business and rely on us to develop there web content for them, for a competitive fee for service. Our client support is designed to provide customer service to the scenarios described above. Training of your staff is not within the scope of this client support. Skills like web site building, PHP - MySql, image creation, database integration and other Internet services are skills that can take years to acquire. While we can assist in filling small gaps in your knowledge, we cannot train you or your staff from the ground up. To offer our customers assitance - some of the services that we offer come with instructional DVD video disks - so please inquire.
General Website Information
  Choose a Domain Name for your site:
The first thing you need to do when establishing a web presence is decide on a domain name. Choosing the right domain name is very important, as it directly affects how easy it is for potential visitors to find your site. Try for something that's easy to recognize, easy to remember, and to easy to guess. For example, if you business is "Ted's Tow Truck" then "tedstowtruck.com" would be a good domain name as it's logical, easy to remember, and easy to spell. It's also a good idea to think of alternate domain names in case the first one think of is already taken. If you are not planning on building your website right away, you might still want to consider registering your domain as soon as possible. Thousands of domain names are registered every day, and there's no guarantee that yours will still be around when you decide to build your site.
  What is a website?
A website is essentially a way to present yourself online. Your website is a place on the Internet anyone in the world can visit whenever they want to find out more about you, ask you questions, give you feedback, or even buy your products. Think of the Internet as the world's biggest trade show, and your website is your booth.
  What is a Domain Name?
Your Domain Name is your address on the Web. Just like people use your phone number to call you on the phone, your Domain Name allows people to access your site on the Web. Clever, simple, or easy to remember Domain Names are most desirable as they can play a large part in attracting visitors to your site. Most Domain Names end with ".com" (such as www.istarr.com), but other extensions such as ".net" and ".org" are also available. In addition Domains can be used with your e-mail accounts allowing you to send and receive e-mail with address such as"support@yourcompany.com"

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